Help Keep The Future Bright


Humanity is at its peak; if you live in the United States you represent the top 1% of the world's population. Everywhere, we have more than ever before and we need to do less to get it.

Yet... What if much of this progress has been funded with the equivalent of 'borrowing on credit," living beyond our means?

We only have one earth to share.

Our current path is unsustainable; our worldview has become our biggest existential threat.

It is up to us to redirect our ingenuity. Let's take action today and keep the future bright!

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Reduce Carbon Pollution

In only five generations - since your grandparents’ grandparents - we have created possibly the biggest threat to our survival: carbon pollution.

In the prior 200,000 years that humans have lived, carbon pollution did not exist. And if the rest of the world were to achieve the American standard of carbon use, we would need five Earths!

We must re-apply our ingenuity towards living a life free from burning carbon.

  • Eat seasonable veges and fruit
  • Avoid an airplane on my next trip
  • Carpool, bike or take public transit
  • Eat chicken/pork instead of beef/lamb
Make a Promise

Strengthen Society

The top 1% of Americans own more than the bottom 90%.

Debt is at or near record levels and 40% of Americans don't have $1000 saved for an emergency.

The ‘I’ economy has replaced empathy, leaving people feeling alone and unable to get ahead.  And, in the US, as loneliness is rising, so are suicides.

Access to capital (wealth) and opportunity for education are necessary for self-fulfillment. We need to work together and take care of one another.

  • Donate my time to a cause dear to me
  • Help someone I don't know
  • Give my change to someone in need
  • Donate used items instead of selling them
Make a Promise

Replace Consumerism

We are continously being sold more than we need, replacing what is necessary with what is convenient.

Each day we generate mountains of garbage; oceans will soon contain more pieces of plastic than fish.

If we, as the world's richest 20%, consume 80% of the resources, we should be the first to act.

We can drive the changes needed. But, first we have to accept that we need to change.

  • Reuse. Reduce. Buy local.
  • Stop using ‘single use’ plastic items
  • Join a Facebook 'Buy Nothing' group
  • Bring my own drink cup

Let’s start making a better tomorrow together.

Whether for the week, the month, or forever, join us and inspire others to make a change. Add your ideas to the list - no effort is too small!

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Promise Wall

I promise to figure out way to recycle, even though my building of my complex does not offer a recycling option!

I promise to vote in November for an administration that will work toward protecting our environment locally as well as globally.

I promise to go through my closet and create a capsule wardrobe with the intentions to decrease shopping, consumption, and to foster a more sustainable lifestyle that is focused on a consciousness around environmental and social responsibility.

I promise to be more conscious of making sure recyclable items from around my house go into the recycling bin instead of the garbage.

I promise to help strengthen society through my work on the board at a local College!

I promise to stop using single-use plastic straws and invest in more sustainable/reusable straws!

The Journey

This past year, I decided I wanted to stop being a net-consumer of the world so I needed to make some big changes. I built an electric bicycle that I ride everywhere - in fact, my oil change sticker says I have only put 2000 miles on my suv in the past year! I think about what I eat, what I buy, and what I throw away each day.

On October 9th, I will embark on a cross-country trip on my e-bike. My plan is to stop along the way and talk to people I don't know, asking them their thoughts on consumerism, society and carbon pollution. I want to hear their perspectives, and hopefully elicit change.

Take a look at my planned course and if I’ll be in your area, come on out and let’s talk!

Project Partners

If you want to do more, we think our partners below are a great place to start.

Mavio Labs is small software design & engineering company focused on building data-driven web based mobile solutions in an AI-first world.

Guiding families from crisis to self-sufficiency

Grin Technologies Ltd. is a small Canadian engineering company based in Vancouver that is dedicated to advancing the state of after-market electric bicycle conversion kits.

EM3ev are both a manufacturer of a range of battery packs and also a supplier for a range of Electric Bike products.