Day 10 - Rest Day in Flagstaff

Today was low key. Caught up on some work in the am and then went to the Northern Arizona University to pass out some stickers and spark some interest among the students.

I also visited Singletrack bike shop, where Kyle and Art gave my bike a once over. Thanks guys!

Something reminded me to check and I saw that freesolofilm was playing, so I got to watch it! That guy is unreal, his skill and concentration are not even human. He said a quote from his mother 'Almost doesn't count.'

Tomorrow I am off to Holbrook. Although I will reserve my optimism, the google machine says it is a downhill day.

spreading the word @ nau
Thanks guys for taking the time to help me out
Unreal movie. His skill and concentration isn't human. Go see it, you will be gripped the entire time.