Day 14 - Acomita to Albuquerque

Short day today due to weather concerns and a sore Achilles.

I took some audio notes today while riding, thinking about whether or not I am actually doing good or not by riding on this trip. I have been staying in more hotels than campsites so far because the conditions have just felt tough😞

What I do know is that: I have used zero gallons of gasoline* to get here. I have used zero plastic bottles for water or soda. I have eaten chicken instead of steak. And, even though the pbj has plastic, I have foregone single use plastic multiple times in place of my sandwiches. Can I do more, of course, we all can.

When I checked into the hotel, I talked to the ladies at the front desk. I tried to pitch my three points, but they weren't having it. I asked 'why' and the one woman said 'I don't have time for that, I am trying to survive and take care of my kids.' I reminded her that #strengtheningsociety was on the list...

* A 55 gal barrel of oil produces ~27gals of gasoline, however I learned - as a consultant at ITT - that an enormous amount of energy is used to extract oil from the ground, then it is pumped to a ship that uses horrible bunker fuel to cross the ocean - look it up, it is gross and one step above asphalt - refined using a ton of energy, and then trucked to the gas station before you even get it. I haven't done the math - Max? - but yt takes so much more than we think to get it. Your gas mileage number is bullshit...

Midday lunch at my pop-up roadside cafe. Yes, there is plastic in there @kevanroskam damn it! I thought I was doing good... It is a never ending battle.
Picture is a bit grainy, but these animals are elusive so I am glad I got anything - mad respect for touring w/only pedal power. I saw a crew of two with trailers bigger than mine and full solar panels but I was texting my buddy PK going uphill and they were going downhill so I missed them.
The houses here are so cool.

Really good conversation about carbon pollution with Vincent a retired nuclear engineer! The goal of the trip was to get many different perspectives. If we believe carbon is the problem, maybe nuclear might very well be an option. After our talk we did cannonball's into the pool🏊

This feels like a big deal and an appropriate comparison point. The first third was all uphill - f-yeah!
Short day. I slept in - on purpose - and when Ii got back on the road, my Achilles was still killing me.