Day 15 - Rest Day in Albuquerque

Rain day in Albuquerque.

I got thwacked by a few plastic purists for my pb&j photo - it's all good👊 it is so hard to avoid it. It did make me think today though, and I realize my message is not so much avoid every bit of plastic, but avoid the single use items. And more importantly, for me, think about the holistic change we need to make.

So, I brought my own plate, fork and coffee mug to breakfast, made another pb&j for lunch and donned my rain gear to ride to dinner in the rain instead of ordering something that would come in styrofoam or plastic. In doing so, I burned no carbon. But then, what to eat at dinner? The menu sure looked good, but Scottish salmon, scallops, beef, all that had to use a lot of carbon to make it to a dinner table in Albuquerque. So I had roasted cauliflower, a caesar salad and some french onion soup. In the end, I am happy with that effort.

I think if we look at making small changes, a few a day, we will be headed in the right direction.

How did I miss Ryan @ The Bike Coop in Albuquerque yesterday. Cool shop with an eye for repair instead of replacement. Thanks for the help big guy; you clearly know your stuff.
Crossing the Rio Grande
Thanks for the ride Jim Rhodes. That rain came out of nowhere.
Plastic purists thwacked me today, so I rode to dinner in the rain to avoid any plastic.