Day 16 - Albuquerque to (Dean) Moriarty

For all those who don't know, Dean Moriarty is one of the main characters in Jack Kerouac's On The Road. Read it if you haven't.

Today was full of emotion.

After waiting in the hotel lobby watching the rain till noon, I made the decision to head to Moriarty with thick black clouds still looming in the sky - the Weather Channel app radar was on point. After a short stint on the I40 in downtown Albuquerque I decided that was too gnarly and went back to the google route. This sent me under the freeway where a town of homeless people were camped out in the pitch black 100yrd tunnel, through a giant puddle of water which drenched my entire trailer and then down a super sketchy bike path with no exits in the wrong side of town. Needless to say my anxiety was higher than a bad trip🍄!

Finally, I exited town and was on route 66. It was there I met  the ladies at the Food Pantry. Things turned up, and I ran into the birthday party at the Pizza Barn, stopped off to load the trailer full of fireworks and then finally made it to the very charming Sunset hotel. My day ended on a high at the Sierra Blanca Brewing company where I had like seven people outside talking about my e-bike as we closed the place down. If you are near Moriarty it is definitely worth the stop!

Can't wait to see what's next.

Spreading the word at University of New Mexico

Random house on the way out of Albuquerque
Susan, Sue, Kathy, and Mary @ East Mountain Food Pantry in Tijeras, NM
Dropping out of the hills into Moriarty
Happy Birthday Angela. Nice work on the flowers William
I ditched the tent and camping gear and loaded up on these babies! I swear that thing weighed at least 20lbs. No joke.
What a cool little spot. Can't wait for the green chile omlette in the morning. We got to talking flying and the owner blew me away with catching thermals to 30,000 feet and doing 5hr round trips to Pikes Peak and back IN A GLIDER!