Day 18 - Tucumcari to Amarillo

100+ miles today to Amarillo Texas. 70 of them before I had a chance to stop for a quick charge. It took a while to get the campsite broken down, but the mostly downhill day was another nice ride.

After a long day by myself, I was parked at a stop sign on a country road, for a bathroom break, and up rides Greg Collins from Bushland, Tx on a sweet looking cyclocross bike. That was cool. Then, not two miles later I rode past the Cadillac Ranch. Clearly, I was back on civilization.

For this post, I figured I would give a quick look into what happens when I stop each day - this is a full time job!

Tonight, once settled, I needed to: break down my gear, unpack my wet tent so it could dry and then get repacked, pumped up my tires as they were low, clean and lube my chain after 250 miles in two days, fix up Laura's website sign as some of the zipties ripped out, get all three batteries charging, get my cellphone and headphones charging, unpack the still wet clothes I washed last night, take a shower, download all pics, resize them using snagit, talk to various folks on the phone, eat dinner and then spend however long to get this blog post written. This doesn't include any work that I need to get done to keep my day job; which has been substantial on many a day so far...

Then, get in bed in time to get up at 6:30 to start all over again. Man...

Morning comes early at a campsite near I40
Don't step in that clay, it is like 6" deep.
The Texas sign was 50yrds down the road.
Now it is official. Texas Baby.
Not 100% sure I believe in heaven, but I am sure afraid of hell. Thanks Nonie and Umpa...
Since I had nothing to do for hrs on end, I started counting windmills. There must have been 300+ on this stretch of road.
Greg Collins in Bushland, Tx. Get that 5000 miles Greg!
Taking a quick break at Cadillac Ranch

Sorry about cutting the front short Terry - my fault. That sucks:(

I feel like 103 is short changing me... I thought it was 110+ for sure!