Day 19 - Amarillo to Elk City

New distance record for the trip today - 150 miles!

I got 50 miles off my first battery and for a moment thought I might try to go direct to Elk City.

Thankfully, I made a quick pit stop on Shamrock, Tx and ran into Derek Vinyard. I sent a text to the doc to make sure he was for real, had a handful+ of Coors beers shooting the shit and decided to pedal the last 56 miles into Elk City.

Tired for sure, but happy today😀

Not sure what that this is really. It was on the other side of the freeway.
Shannon and Derek Vinyard in Shamrock, Tx
Derek's artwork - pretty bitchin!
Just a little small town fun. Laura?
The Oklahoma border on Route 66; made it through Texas in two days.
Nicholas Twidale M.D. helping me find my way east.