Day 23 - Rain Hold in Lake Eufaula

Nothing but rain today and PBS specials. I am definitely to be glad to be inside at this point!

I swear, I learned so much watching PBS - it was like one of three channels usable for me. That said, I watched shows on: Gangs in El Salvador, Gyp Stacks in Florida, and Flooding in New York due to global warming. I couldn't keep up with all the knowledge. Crazy, cause I would never put that on at home...

Thanks for talking this am Lou. Like you said ' isn't fair to expect people struggling to survive to fix the problems.' It is up to people who have the means to lead the way.

Collage of the day. Thanks a million Scott for the ride into Checotah this evening. It was Catfish Wednesday at the Shell station in Lake Eufaula, OK. With pouring rain and the nearest restaurant 8 miles away this it was lunch and work today.
Just watched a PBS show on mining phosphate in Florida. For all you non-growers out there NPK makes the world go round... I remember flying out for four days😔 to Florida to make a pitch to Mosaic Company. I was so excited🤔

The sign 'You can't drink money' really struck me. Yet, I'm not sure enough people understand modern day fertilizer is why we are not out toiling on a farm from dawn till dusk.

None of these questions/answers are simple but Google 'gyp stacks' in Florida. We are aren't respecting Mother Earth 🌎enough.