Day 25 - Van Buren to Conway

Today, I got a mean flat almost immediately after starting off then, not 10 miles later, I got shooed off the I40 by the Arkansas Highway Patrol.

That meant 100+ miles on country back roads. At first, it was very desolate and I must have been chased by 15 dogs - no fun. After 10+ miles I made it back onto a much more travelled road and it turned out to be quite pleasant, albeit slower.

It looks like for the rest of Arkansas, this has to be my mode of travel. Google says it is 162 miles to Memphis.

With all of that my spirits are pretty low. I am hoping some rest will help but there are now severe thunderstorms in the forecast for a couple of days from now...

Busted after 24 days on the road.
Don't exactly know what that means.

Picking up Chelsea's care package from Erik @ The Ride bikeshop
Thanks a million Chelsea!
Sunset in Conway.