Day 28 - Stuck in St. George

Nowhere to go today and no flashy pictures.

I am soooo ready to be up at dawn tomorrow to head to Georgetown; if all goes well I will be in Holden Beach in two days and done.

With all the downtime, I thought a bit about the past 28 days.

I can't believe how many big rigs I saw. It is amazing how many vehicles are constantly on the road. If you haven't heard me say before, driving is the single largest occupation for adult males in the united states. Unfortunately, all those jobs are 'driving' the carbon economy.

At every stop, and along the roadside, I saw so much single use plastic. Hotels and restaurants were just as bad as the soft drink industry. I made my pitch, but it feels like it went in one ear and out the other. People were interested in the trip, but I didn't get the sense that most people felt a lasting need to make a change.

And, for 'strengthening society' I saw far more people who needed help and support. More often than not people were just trying to survive and didn't have the 'luxury' to take the time to consider the changes I was suggesting. The pictures yesterday showing two houses within 100yrds of each other just felt so surreal.

I hope I made a difference, but the scope of the challenges are so enormous I just don't know...