Day 29 - St. George to Georgetown

Today might have been the nicest ride of the trip, no coincidence it is one stop from the finale... Sunny, warm, flat and a tailwind; 90 miles went by like nothing.

Spending the afternoon on the Inter-coastal was such a refreshing change from what I have seen traveling through the center of the country. No offense meant, but the coasts are just fundamentally different from the interior - it is something to keep in mind as we continue to look for leaders while defining a solution to our problems.

That mountain in the middle of South Carolina is... unfortunately trash😖
Nice ride through the park. Just don't stop for a picture or the mosquitoes will eat u alive!
Inside the park. I just kept riding for fear of even bigger mosquitoes.
Really pretty w/lots of birds signing
The Intercostal! One stop from the Atlantic in Holden Beach.

Trimm made it a point to quote 'What you do matters'.

I spent a little time talking to Elaine Bonds. If she could pick, she would really like to be able to spend her workday taking care of older people.
Not a bad spot to lay my head for the night...
Unfortunately, in the background is the largest coal fired power plant in South Carolina. Dirty dirty dirty...