Day 5 - Stuck in Ludlow, CA

Rest day today. Rain on the road and I am sore. I took the time to do a lot of bike work. My battery mount loosened and pulled out so I had to rebuild the plate in the trailer, this time using some locktight. I put some slime in my trailer wheels - I bought this back in Bakersfield after having two flats in the first two days. And I tightened up all screws I could see.

I am pretty sure I have developed something called ulnar neuropathy; I don't really have any strength in my fingers. I am pretty upset as the web says it is due to the lame grips I bought - because I am so cheap - and the downward angle of my seat - no comment...

I was planning to head out tomorrow on the last 92 miles because the az border, however I found that I have a broken spoke on my rear wheel and I don't have a tool to take off my cassette. Plus forecast says 20+mph north winds starting in the am. Luckily, I called Pierre and Edie from the Lost Hills rv park. They are driving through on their way home to Kingman and are going to scoop me up in the am and get me to a bikeshop. Without them, I would be in a jam!

Popup Bike Shop in Ludlow, CA

Sunset in Ludlow, CA