Day 8 - Kingman to Seligman

I had a great time with Pierre and Edie, but I was really hoping to get back on the road today. Weather said it was a 40% chance of rain in Seligman which was past my comfort threshold - Ryan! - but two other apps said it was gonna be dry, so, against my better judgement, I went for it.

I was gripped all day, focused on the skyline, fearful of rain. As a result, I ran the entire stretch without stopping for lunch or a recharge; that is a new max range for the batteries - 84miles and 4K vertical of climbing. I probably had another 10 miles before I was in trouble. The bike ran the best it has the whole trip; Ed @ Bicycle world is a wizard.

The last 12 miles was cold and wet. And now I am in my tent at a KOA. Temp is 38 degrees. I should have kept that damn 10degree insert instead of ditching it to save 1lb.

I was meaning to take a picture of the new grips and gloves, but I forgot. My hands feel the best they have in five days, so I am really excited. I used to make fun of those grips, but after not being able to have the strength to put my hand in my pocket - it was like I couldn't push down at all - I have a new found respect.

If all goes well, tomorrow I will be back in a real city, Flagstaff, for the first time in a week, although today it was snowing there!