Day 9 Seligman to Flagstaff

Another cold long day today, all uphill. Crested the summit at 7335 - not sure I saw that in my planning 🤔. Temp high for the day was 42 degrees.

I think we captured the most scenic video so far with Helen and Ruth this am in the Seligman KOA - nice job.

I purposefully waited to leave because of the cold and didn't get 1 mile before a catastrophic flat - giant piece of metal in the tire. I was pissed and anxious at the same time, but not much I can do all by myself in the middle of nowhere. This trip sure has made me realize how I let my emotions take over and devolve into anxiety. I have taken to closing my eyes and breathing deeply when I am beyond stressed - just don't turn left...

Lunch at 'Kicks on Route 66' in Williams was amazing, really good food.

I couldn't believe my eyes when I got to Flagstaff. There was a Home Depot, Safeway, Target, Chipotle, Chick Fil-a, sushi, and Baskin Robbins all in a row - civilization again!

I am cold, my hands are crippled:), my legs are tired, and I need some bike parts - some tubes and maybe a derailleur shifter - before heading in no-mans land so I am staying tomorrow here. Did I say I rode 160 miles with 8000+ feet vertical in the last two days...

Seligman KOA on Route 66
Thank God.
Downtown Flagstaff