Day 21 - Weatherford to Shawnee

Interesting day today biking in Oklahoma.

I got run out of Oklahoma State University by campus security for vagrancy. I was eating a pb&j I just made and he said in a very officious voice 'you better drop that [blunt kitchen] knife'... I tried to explain to the guy that I work in silicon valley, but he asked 'where's that...' I asked what he thought of my topics and he said 'I don't think we could ruin this planet if we tried.'

Schlegel's bike shop did their best trying to help me, but the locals on the road made me feel less than comfortable until  I got to Uncorked Liquors in Shawnee, OK. I was ready to drown my sorrows until the lady behind the counter said ' I know you. I've seen you on Facebook!'. I couldn't believe it - that was the first time on the trip someone said that. Suffice it to say, I went from zero to hero in an instant.

Jackie at the Travel Inn made it even better with her promise and then I had a fun evening with Greg and Janis, going long past my bedtime!

Tomorrow is forecast for a strong tailwind, so I am hopeful😃

Heading out early for the 70 mile trek to OKC!
Time to get off the I40
Moments before I got run out of town for vagrancy.
Team Schlegel took the time to help me find a route out of town. Thanks a bunch!
The Bombing Memorial in downtown OKC
I felt like rolling through the back country of OK you could replace 'hitchhiker' with 'out of town bicylist'...
That was until I got to Uncorked Liquors and the the lady at the register said 'I know you. I've seen you on Facebook'. I couldn't believe it!!!

Thanks the fun evening you two!